nk immobilien gstaad: Your first choice for real estate in Saanenland & Pays D'Enhaut

Since its foundation in 2015, nk immobilien gstaad gmbh has developed into a steadily growing real estate company in the Saanenland. The company was built up by Nadine Zingre-Kübli (from the Saanenland) who soon started thinking about possible future strategies. Since 2020 nk immobilien gstaad gmbh has been a part of GRIWA TREUHAND AG. The takeover came about because the two companies share a similar philosophy and were convinced that they could operate in a stronger way within a common structure. Today the management is shared by Nadine Zingre-Kübli, the previous owner, and Sandro Bolton, Managing Director of GRIWA TREUHAND AG. nk immobilien, based in Saanen, offers its clients all the services required for real estate, such as the purchase, sale, rental and management of properties, throughout the Saanenland and the Pays d‘Enhaut. The company’s integrity is based on its core values such as professional advice and a comprehensive and high-quality service. nk immobilien gstaad gmbh have been able to grow and assert themselves due to the dynamic and touristic environment of the local region.



«Transparency creates trust, and trust is an indispensable prerequisite for success

– Nadine Zingre-Kübli, Managing Director